Three Things That are Important

Three Things That are Important

To be successful at real estate investing, you need to know the top three things that are important. While location is important in some cases, the best investment deals may not be located in prime real estate locations. A good reputation will go a long way in the real estate market. Businesses with a good reputation have more clients, receive more feedback that is positive and are trusted by the communities in which they operate. Creative financing options improve the ability to purchase and sell properties that some investors overlook. Staying one step ahead of other realtors is one method for increasing profits while keeping overhead low and working capitol high.


Learning all there is to know about a property and the area will allow a reasonable offer to be made on any property. Software programs that assist in this process are available. Searching demographics, community profiles and other similar avenues for information will shed light on a property’s advantages and disadvantages. Speak to contractors, decorators and landscapers to gain other information. Remodeling a property or making improvements must be a part of the background information gathered before placing a bid. Armed with this type of detailed information a successful realtor can calculate the expected return prior to submitting a bid.

Buying and Selling

Properties cannot be purchased unless offers are made. Successful realtors know that the total amount of bids made per month directly relates to how many properties are purchased. Knowing all there is to know about a property allows the successful investor to make sound, solid bids that will be considered by sellers. The more offers that are reviewed the better the chances are that a property can be purchased. By acting on the three things that are important in real estate investing…

  • making contact with potential sellers daily
  • making bids on properties every day and
  • maintaining a positive reputation

…the odds for success improve considerably.


Developing a good reputation among your peers and in a community that sees the investor as a sound, reasonable individual, will go a long way towards success. Remembering the three things that are important will also help. Research provides the foundation that allows the new investor to avoid being embarrassed in front of other realtors. Following through with all purchases is just as important. Failure to complete deals hurts an investor’s reputation. Occasionally a good investor will need to lower their profit margin to maintain their reputation in the real estate business. If a few properties fall short of their expected return but additional sellers and buyers respond as a result the loss is inconsequential. The more an investor’s name is mentioned positively, the more profits will be generated. People place a lot of trust in a person who has a reputation for being a good, honest, reliable real estate investor.

Making contact with potential sellers daily, doing the necessary research and developing a reputation for sound, reliable investments will allow investments to skyrocket. Remembering the three things that are important is easy, putting them into action will require time, energy and the drive to succeed.


  1. John C. Cox says:

    Thank you for this helpful information. It makes the path a little clearer.

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