Mentoring for Success

One of the advantages of starting a new business is the amount of support available from those who have been through the same challenges and succeeded. There’s no need to learn everything the hard way, when you network with other people who are willing to share their knowledge and strengths. Finding one or more mentors who can guide you through the maze of building a real estate investing business can mean the difference between great success and utter failure. Listen and … [Read more...]

Buying Real Estate in Probate

Investing in probate real estate can be a complicated, confusing process. Buying Real Estate in Probate, by Dennis J. Henson, directs you through this process, teaching you the skills necessary to become a successful probate real estate investor. In probate, a court-supervised personal representative is responsible for selling a deceased person’s property to pay his debts and distributing any remaining proceeds to his heirs. Understanding this system can help you be a successful … [Read more...]

Benefits of Being Mentored

The benefits of being mentored may be difficult to see at first. Starting any business is at best complex. Real estate investing may be more daunting due to the complexities of the contractual aspect. A mentor will answer questions and guide you through the behind the scene processes that lead to success. Avoiding Pitfalls Anyone who starts a new project can benefit from the knowledge that another person who has completed a similar project can offer. Mentors provide that knowledge. It is … [Read more...]