Benefits of Being Mentored

The benefits of being mentored may be difficult to see at first. Starting any business is at best complex. Real estate investing may be more daunting due to the complexities of the contractual aspect. A mentor will answer questions and guide you through the behind the scene processes that lead to success.

Avoiding Pitfalls

Anyone who starts a new project can benefit from the knowledge that another person who has completed a similar project can offer. Mentors provide that knowledge. It is not necessary to start from scratch if you utilize the benefits of a mentor. Learning all that is needed for success does not mean you have to learn these things by yourself. Heeding the advice of someone who has experienced them saves time and energy. Mistakes can be time consuming and costly. Taking advantage of the benefits of being mentored will lessen the chance of making these types of mistakes.

Staying on Track

It is easy to loose focus or get bogged down when you start a business. There are many things to be considered, decisions to be made and energy and effort put into the project. Mentors can provide the catalyst needed to push forward even things get difficult. Staying motivated is challenging. A good mentor provides encouragement based on their experiences. Some people find that having another person who keeps track of their progress is motivating. Real estate investing, like any other business, requires daily involvement. Mentors can help define and hone daily tasks until they become habits.

Expanding Horizons

When starting a new business it is easy to set your sights too low or too high. The benefits of being mentored include having someone who will encourage you to “think out of the box” and guide you around obstacles that may impeded your progress. The mentor has probably been through or known someone who has experienced a similar situation before. Listening to the advice of a mentor can provide the stimulus needed to push ahead when things get tough. Learning from another person’s experiences allows you to gain knowledge without the small personal failures that can often cause setbacks.

Setting Limits

It is easy to spend too much time on a particular detail of any project. Real estate investing involves speaking to many people. A mentor will help you establish how much time you should spend with clients, how to define your role in a business partnership, what to say, or to avoid saying, when talking to bankers and real estate lawyers, and stabilize your daily routine. A good mentor will be capable of giving you constructive criticism without bias. A good mentor can tell you what you need to do to improve your business while keeping your morale high. These types of people can help you develop the habits of success while keeping you on track.

Mentoring 10 Advantages

  1. A mentor can help you avoid costly mistakes. A mentor has experience in all the facets of real estate investing. Taking the advice a mentor provides will prevent costly mistakes that are devastating. The cost of hiring a mentor will be offset from avoiding investment errors.
  2. A good mentor builds confidence and eliminates investment worries. There are many concerns when starting a real estate business. A mentor has the experience to help you develop a sound business plan and a daily routine that will ensure your success. The knowledge a mentor offers especially locating investment capitol, contractual wording and advertising will save time and money.
  3. A mentor may increase your profit margin. There is money to be made in the real estate market. A mentor can help you find deals, and creative financing to fund your purchases. Increasing your profit margin will help you pay off your debts, provide for your retirement, travel and the freedom that comes from financial stability.
  4. The advice of a mentor may save you hundred of thousands of dollars. Listening to the sound advice of a mentor allows you to pay less for investment property repairs, supplies, property upgrades like carpet, landscapers and cleaning services. Spending less leaves more capitol available for other things.
  5. Getting on the fast track to success is quicker when you have a good mentor to rely on. Businesses with a sound and solid plan find that their balance sheets grow faster. With a mentor to guide you, bank accounts grow quickly.
  6. Mentors help you determine which offers would be the best investment for you. While using state of the art computer software produces offers with little effort, a mentor can offer advice on these read-outs that will allow you to determine on which properties to make an offer.
  7. Unlike classes, a mentor provides one on one real estates investment training. Investment and real estate classes will provide the basics but a mentor will answer every question and help you develop your business plan. A good mentor understands that everyone is different and works to help you decide what is best for your business.
  8. Standing beside you, hand-in-hand. It is possible to become a successful real estate investor without a mentor however there may be disappointments, costly errors and mistakes that may leave you feeling battered. Standing beside you, encouraging you to stick to your business plan, helping to hone your skills and keeping you focused are some of the most valuable aspects a mentor has to offer.
  9. A mentor will ensure that you stay on track. Schedules are great but many people find they are unable to stay on one. Through daily contact, a mentor ensures that you stick to your business plan.
  10. Take your place as a successful real investor with help from a mentor. Finding someone who is a successful investor and is willing to guide you and help you develop into a successful real estate investor is priceless.

Avoiding costly mistakes, utilizing time wisely, streamlining the many processes and providing support are a few of the benefits of being mentored. Locating a qualified mentor that works well with your personality can help you on the road to success.


  1. concise and to the point your information is great. you have to have someone teach you how to run a successful real estate business. now a days many mentors have software to help organize and run your business As well as coaching calls, seminars and home study courses. But having a live team of people help guide you will be your best bet to becoming successful. And don’t get confused, i mean donald trump didn’t become a billionaire overnight. But if you set goals and work hard to build your business the success will follow. thanks again keep the great info coming
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